CRΞ8R - Interview With Sam Fisher from Fantom Oasis

Primer: Fantom Oasis is a new launchpad on the Fantom blockchain. It is launched for the community by the community. In this episode, Ceazor interviews Sam from Fantom Oasis, learning about their values, long term goals, the project, and its token.

Fantom Oasis

  • A community-funded launchpad for the community by the community

  • Most of their investors are validators on the Fantom blockchain

  • Designed to jump-start the nascent Fantom ecosystem by providing both a means for innovative project developers and investors to connect

Long Term Goals

  • Wants to have a full-fledged company that can assist anyone that wants to develop on Fantom

  • Fantom is the cheapest of all the EVM chains. Someone who wants to develop something experimental is more than welcome to contact them

  • Currently do not have any plans to expand to other blockchains, but they have the capability to do so

Values Of Fantom Oasis

  • All about decentralization and free speech

  • Most projects are not decentralized enough. Developers are the ultimate decision-makers, tasked with manually implementing (or not implementing) the wishes of voters

"It's not about the money, it's about community, it's about different projects, helping each other creating something better, I mean, cross-project partnerships and stuff like that."

- Sam Fisher

  • The team finds this status quo unacceptable. Their voting will be linked directly to their smart contract and would execute the will of voters without the need for human intermediaries

  • Wants to help the community and give everyone a chance

  • Wants to be a self-sufficient ecosystem that helps and supports other projects


  • Currently have a team size of 4. Of which, 3 are solidity developers

  • Constantly hiring new people

Their Launchpad

  • Most launchpads are centralized, where holders are locked out of the governance process. Fantom Oasis is a decentralized launchpad that gives power to the people

  • Experimenting with a new way to build their launchpad. Their older system is outdated and they had a lot of problems with it

  • Currently, they are behind schedule. Other experimental launchpads like SushiSwap's Miso got exploited and Fantom Oasis wants to avoid the same fate by taking it slow and focusing on security

  • Two types of users: Investors and Project Teams


  • They come to the launchpad and lock up their FTMO tokens. They get a staking score based on the length of time that they have locked up their tokens

  • The allowance differs from project to project

Project Teams

  • Will use their launchpad to launch their project

  • In the beginning, the Fantom Oasis team will be manually helping the projects launch on their launchpad. Eventually, this process will be automated

  • Their end goal is for project teams to come to their launchpad, do a few clicks, and everything is set up for them. Collection of funds and liquidity creation would be automated by the smart contract. The only responsibility the project team has is to market their project

  • The Fantom Oasis team will eventually move from building the platform to providing support to projects that they deem interesting

  • Projects that have passed a thorough vetting by the Fantom Oasis team will allocate a portion of their tokens to FTMO stakers. In turn, the project founders will receive a number of benefits, including but not limited to: financing, developer advisory, auditing, marketing, and strategic advisory

FTMO Token

  • Used to bootstrap Fantom Oasis

  • The token is hard-capped at 100 million

  • For the first 60 days following the public sale, a staking/liquidity mining program will begin to reward early investors and contributors

  • In the future, the token can be staked to produce a staking score

  • They are currently developing their staking contract

  • Right now, holders can use their FTMO tokens to farm BOO on SpookySwap

Getting In Touch With Them

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